In September 2018, Novartis made a public pledge with the Equal Pay International Coalition (EPIC) to achieve gender balance in management at Novartis and further improve our pay equity/transparency processes by 2023.

We made four specific commitments, which we believe will positively impact our overall pay gap and set an example for other organizations to follow, thereby driving change in society more broadly:


Monitor pay equity with global consistency
1. Monitor pay equity with global consistency

We will conduct regular gender pay equity analyses and remediate annually as appropriate.


Two Novartis Associates
2. Remove bias from the system

We are eliminating the use of historical salary data when making internal and external offers and will focus on an objective assessment of a candidate’s relevant experience, education and competency against internal and external benchmarking data to remove possible bias.


Novartis campus - Associates walking
3. Create pay transparency

We will share with our associates their pay as compared to external (where available) and/or internal benchmarks.


Two Novartis associates
4. Achieve gender balance in management by 2023

An overall pay gap is often driven by unequal representation of one gender in traditionally higher paid skill sectors and/or senior leadership levels. By focusing on achieving gender balance in management by 2023, we aim to positively influence the overall gender pay gap.