Our medications reach more than 740 million people worldwide every year, but many more people still lack access to essential medicines and healthcare. We are committed to helping ensure that our medicines are accessible to as many patients as possible, irrespective of where they come from. We have therefore embarked on a journey to fundamentally shift the way we do business and reimagine how to expand access to critical healthcare innovations.

In late 2017, we committed to systematically integrate access strategies into how we research, develop and deliver our new medicines globally and established the Novartis Access Principles. These strategies include adopting innovative pricing and access models, refocusing research and development based on society’s healthcare needs, and supporting approaches to strengthen healthcare systems.


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These changes will take time and it will not be easy. In order to have a maximum impact on patients’ health, we will need to join forces with others across sectors and industries.

We plan to continually measure our progress and be transparent in our achievements and failures in the hope that those learnings will inform new models and practices across our industry.

Our leaders will be held accountable and will be compensated based on our progress in meeting this commitment.