Customized solutions and efficient handling for your microbial-based products.

As our partner you get access to leading global technology in development, as well as large-scale production capacity. 
Novartis provides you with the flexibility you need to successfully develop and produce innovative recombinant products that transform patients’ lives. 
The competence center of microbial cGMP and cell-bank manufacturing of Novartis is located in Austria. Upstream and downstream capabilities are available on a scale from 150 to 40,000 liters for clinical and commercial scale manufacturing of your microbial-based products. 
We offer customized solutions with our ability to handle increasing demand levels quickly and efficiently without the need for costly and time-intensive transfers. 

Microbial Manufacturing Graph

Flexible microbial manufacturing scaling

With upstream and downstream capabilities ranging from 150 to 40,000 liters, we can provide you with both clinical and commercial manufacturing. 

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