The Wellbeing strategy aims to play an integral part in unleashing the power of our associates. Our ambition is to take outstanding care of our people creating sustainable impact by prioritizing their mental health. We take this incredibly seriously so that our people can be their best selves in their lives and in their work, in an ever-changing environment.

Having the confidence to talk openly about mental health, recognizing the signs that we or someone we know may need support, knowing where to find that support and igniting the discussion to de-stigmatize mental health are all key drivers of our growth and development as people.

We offer a range of support and learning tools across the mental health spectrum under the brand ‘Your Mind Matters’. Examples of these include:

  • Employee Assistance Program, for 24/7 psychological support.
  • Mental Health First Aid program, with a growing network of over 1000 Mental Health First Aiders around the world.
  • Almost 10,000 employees access the ‘How are you feeling?’ assessment and webpage on a yearly basis which includes resources to help manage stress, build resilience and much more.
  • A range of e-learnings and training for managers and associates to learn more about taking care of themselves and others.
  • Each October we run a Global Campaign connecting with over 80,000 associates in support of World Mental Health Day.

We measure the impact of our work through a custom created 'Wellbeing Index' which is based on our quarterly employee engagement survey. Topics like work-life balance and associates' perception of wellbeing as a priority are monitored. The data gathered is used to further customize our mental health and wellbeing offerings to better meet associate's needs.

Our goals

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Exposure to mental health risks for associates and leaders at Novartis through education and consultation on business needs and planning.

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Mental health and wellbeing at work.

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Associates and leaders to participate in and thrive at work.