The safety and wellbeing of patients is our primary concern as we respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Novartis is working to ensure supply of our medicines, enhance virtual services, protect the integrity of clinical trials and support patient organizations. Our response is guided by the Novartis Commitment to Patients and Caregivers

All Novartis manufacturing sites and our major suppliers are currently operational.

Around the world Novartis teams, together with our partners, are developing patient-oriented digital solutions including:

  • Working with government, health authorities and pharmacy groups to extend repeat and refill prescriptions or creating access to online drug refill
  • Integrating and scaling-up existing programs for home delivery, home care and call centers
  • Delivering online disease awareness education

For patients who are participating in Novartis clinical trials we have enacted mitigation plans where needed to protect the integrity of our trials and help ensure continuity of treatment.

Patient Organizations

Novartis is maintaining a high level of engagement with the patient community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Patient organizations around the world are rising to the challenge to ensure the health and safety of their constituents. At a time when healthcare professionals and health system resources are being diverted to address the pandemic, patient organizations are stepping forward and providing crucial educational, psycho-social and health navigation support to patients and caregivers in need.

We know delivering this value requires investment of incremental time and resources by the community, and that fundraising is suffering from cancellations of planned activities and shortage of financial support. We remain committed to our partnerships and our collaborations with the patient organizations and healthcare organizations globally in the disease areas for which we provide or are developing medicines.

Novartis is also providing enhanced funding to help patient communities globally impacted by the outbreak to provide vital services to patients. Novartis will prioritize funding requests addressing immediate needs of patients stemming from the pandemic. For more information, please contact your established Novartis patient advocacy contact.

For patient organization leaders, the following resources may be useful:

Patient communities

Patient communities around the world are dealing with a pre-existing condition and the coronavirus disease pandemic at the same time. With our partners, Novartis stays engaged to help and to provide information.

For members of the patient community, the following resources may be useful:

For other questions about Novartis, medical inquiries about our products and or information about services, we recommend you contact the Novartis office in your country.