Animals used for research and development

Animal research is key to many of the great medical advances of today, including vaccines for diseases like polio; cancer treatments; medicines to treat neurological diseases such as epilepsy, schizophrenia and depression; medicines for diseases that have high morbidity and mortality rates around the world like high blood pressure, diabetes, malaria and much more.

While the end of medical research involving animals might be a future possibility, it is not possible today. Often, animal studies are required by regulatory agencies around the world to better understand complex disease mechanisms and to prove that medicines are safe and effective.

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Clinical trials

Clinical trials are at the heart of our work to bring innovative medicines to people with a particular disease or condition. These studies ensure that an investigative medicine is effective and safe, and rely entirely on patients and healthy volunteers. For every Novartis clinical trial our primary responsibility is to protect the safety, well-being and legal rights of all participants and ensure adherence to the highest ethical standards for clinical research.

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Innovation for neglected diseases

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