Novartis poised to expand impact on human health as it begins next era.

Dec 04, 2023

It’s a historic moment for Novartis. Following the Sandoz spin-off in October and capping a multi-year transformation, we’ve entered our next era as an innovative medicines company. In this new chapter, our commitment to our purpose of reimagining medicine to improve and extend peoples’ lives remains unwavering.

We’re focusing our energy on disease areas where there is significant need for new treatments and where we have deep expertise and capabilities. We’re also building on our strengths in advanced new technology platforms – radioligand therapy, RNA therapeutics and gene and cell therapy – that will help us deliver the next generation of medicines for patients.

Science will always be core to who we are. We will continue to unravel the mysteries of biology and develop new technologies to fight disease. As we embark on this next chapter, we recognize there is more to do in helping people navigate the human experience of disease and helping them achieve a better quality of life. This also involves working on solutions to help address the evolving needs of healthcare professionals and healthcare systems as they navigate the introduction of novel technologies, increasing burden of disease and economic pressures.

Looking ahead, we aspire to build on our scientific heritage and expand our impact on human health through a deeper understanding of patients’ needs and strengthening collaborations with key stakeholders who share our mission. We know our collective impact will be greater than anything we could ever achieve alone.  The only way to reimagine medicine is to do it together.

Our refreshed brand represents what Novartis stands for in this new era: combining science with empathy and partnership to create medicines that restore a sense of possibility for people living with disease.

About Novartis

Every day, we work to reimagine medicine to improve and extend people’s lives so that patients, healthcare professionals and societies are empowered in the face of serious disease. Our medicines reach more than 250 million people worldwide.
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