Our NIBR Business Development & Licensing team works with prospective partners to establish collaborations that are mutually beneficial and productive. We remain actively engaged with our collaborators to ensure a dynamic collaboration environment and maximize the probability of success.

The NIBR Business Development & Licensing team is flexible in structuring deals and aims to tailor our collaborations to each partner’s individual needs. Deal types include in-licensing, out-licensing/risk-sharing, research collaborations, options, equity investments and acquisitions.

Our NIBR Business Development & Licensing team seeks collaborations in most therapeutic areas and technology classes (see table below), from idea-generation and early discovery through clinical proof-of-concept (phase IIa clinical trials). If you have an idea and would like to collaborate learn more here.

Learn more about our approach to industry partnering from Phil Gotwals, Head of NIBR Business Development & Licensing:

The NIBR BD&L team seeks collaborations in the following areas:

Disease Areas     Platforms Clinical
Autoimmunity, Transplantation & Inflammatory Disease Antibody, Protein and Cell Therapies     Target Discovery & Validation
Neuroscience Medical Chemistry and Library Enhancement     Drug Discovery
Ophthalmology Target Discovery - Pathways     Safety & Drug Metabolism
Respiratory Diseases Translational Medicine     Proof of Concept Clinical Study
Oncology/Immuno-oncology Preclinical Safety and DMPK     Clinical Trials Phase I - IIa
Musculoskeletal Diseases Assay Development      
Cardiovascular, Renal & Metabolism